You Can Watch an Exorcism Live on TV Tonight

There’s a thing called TV that miraculously still exists and, on Friday (that’s tonight), someone is plastering it with a live exorcism in the name of…Halloween? Ratings? The thrill of terrifying me? Exorcism: Live! is hitting Destination America tonight at 9 p.m. as a two-hour marathon not that dissimilar to the most recent Republican debate. A clergyman, psychic, and the Ghost Asylum team are hitting the St. Louis home that inspired The Exorcist to search for “sinister energy” and live to televise the tale. “The worst-case scenario is that one of these entities will attach to someone,” producer Jodi Tovay tells the Washington Post. “It is dangerous.”

“People have called it the biggest supernatural mystery in American history, so many tales that have come out of that house and still exist around it,” Tovay says. “So we almost had to do something.” That “something” is set to include camera operators piling into the modest home with the aforementioned team of paranormal experts, including a psychic and Bishop James Long. Daring viewers can also follow six additional cameras online as they broadcast footage from various areas within the home, allowing them to “alert the crew” via Twitter if something happens. “We can’t fake it on live TV,” adds Tovay. “The drama is unfolding right in front of you.”

That’s cool and all, but some of us still prefer the hapless spooks of Air Bud and company.

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You Can Watch an Exorcism Live on TV Tonight from Complex.