Reddit User Eats His Shirt After Losing Bet

You know what sounds like a really dumb idea? Betting against the Warriors. The Warriors could be down 0-3 to the 1996 Bulls and losing by 25 points with two minutes left in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, and we still wouldn’t bet against them to lose the series. Because who knows? Steph Curry always seems to go full Steph Curry whenever things look worst for Golden State, and it usually ends up being terrible news for anyone who bet against them.

Reddit user PARTYxDIRTYDAN apparently didn’t get the memo about this. Because when the Warriors were trailing the Thunder 3-2 in their Western Conference Finals series on Friday, he decided to place one of the dumbest bets ever by jumping on Reddit and telling his fellow Redditors that he would eat his T-shirt if the Warriors were to win the series:

And, well, you know what happened next! Steph Stephed—and the Warriors completed an epic 3-1 comeback to advance to the NBA Finals.

Unlike other Reddit users who have made similar bets in the past and then flaked on them, PARTYxDIRTYDAN stayed true to his word. He went ahead and ate several pieces of his T-shirt—with BBQ sauce on them!—on Monday night and filmed it for YouTube. He said he wasn’t going to eat the whole T-shirt because he didn’t want to “die” (probably a good idea) but he chowed down on a few pieces of the shirt and let the world watch:

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