Christmas Nearly Ruined as Man Pays $400 for Bags of Rocks in a PS4 Box

If there’s one thing Igor Baksht learned this Christmas, it’s that it’s O.K. to peak inside the box a little early.

Baksht went to a Walmart in Stapleton, Colorado, to purchase a PS4 bundle for his 13-year-old niece. This would have been an everyday transaction if it weren’t for a combination of two things: Baksht told 7News Denver that the employee who retrieved the PS4 from its locked cage told him that (1) the box was heavier than usual, and (2) that it had previously been returned. Instead of checking out the contents of the box then and there (which, I mean, c’mon, how many more signs do you need?), Baksht took the PS4 home and decided to finally open it up right before he was about to wrap it, “just to make sure everything was inside, that all the contents were inside, all the games were inside,” Baksht said. “When I opened it, I said, ‘Oh my God.’”

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Christmas Nearly Ruined as Man Pays $400 for Bags of Rocks in a PS4 Box from Complex.