A Recent History of Offensive Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Here we are again folks. Halloween is upon us for yet another year, and, like always, its headline-grabbing costumes prove that the holiday has more to do with racial stereotypes or poorly executed, pop cultural jokes than it does with trick-or-treating. Sure, the public at large questions the bizarrely unsexy “sexy” costumes every time the season rolls around again, but it seems that that’s not the only questionable thing about Halloween. Even though everyone plainly understands that the holiday is no excuse to dress in someone else’s culture (or worse, blackface) people have continued to do it; year, after year, after year. Some of the biggest offenders? Celebrities, natch.

While trying to make something like blackface or cultural appropriation happen on your own timeline is always a mark in the “loss” column, you’d think that celebrities would be even more sensitive to offending people with their Halloween costumes—you know, being in the public eye and all. But, like death and taxes, you can guarantee that each Halloween, some celebrity is going to embarrass themselves with a “costume” that, in some cases, will literally haunt them for years afterwards. This is A Recent History of Offensive Celebrity Halloween Costumes.

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